• Maintenance packages

Maintenance packages

Maintenance washes for vehicles previously Corrected and Coated by us

For customers that currently have a ceramic coated car, a maintenance wash helps keep the surface of the paint free from contaminants that will stop the hydrophobic properties of the coating. A good external clean starts off with the citrus prewash stage, followed by a snowfoam while the wheels get cleaned with non-acid wheel cleaner, then 2 bucket safe wash. The car will then be dried off in the bay, followed by a de-tar and decontaminate carried out if needed. The door shuts and windows also get cleaned.



Maintenance Valet

Over and above the Maintenance wash, this allows the interior to get some loving too. Maintenance wash is followed by an interior vacuum, all leather surfaces wiped with a designated leather cleaner to get any grubby or greasy marks out leaving it back to showroom finish. Steering wheel cleansed, door cards, trims, surrounds and plastics all cleaned and wiped down, as well as the interior windows leaned to a streak free finish.  



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