• Detailing


Detailing a car isn’t just making sure your car is clean. Detailing is making sure your car is looking the best it can. Of course, making sure your car is clean is the first step, but after that we delve into making sure the paintwork is rid of contaminants such as small iron particles and tar spots that sit on the surface, leaving it smooth. After this, a combination of Machine, Compound and Pad is selected, depending on your package choice, and the paintwork is machine polished to reduce swirls and defects and increase clarity and depth, leaving a stunning, smooth and ultra-glossy surface. Once your car's paintwork has been rectified, we can protect it in a number of ways to help retain that glossy, deep shine, using either waxes, lite coatings or full ceramic oating options.

  • Exterior & Interior Valeting
    We all know that cleaning your car inside and out can sometimes feel like a mammoth task, especially when you only have 2 days off a week in which to do it. We offer full interior and exterior packages to make sure your car feels like it is brand new, leaving you the whole weekend to enjoy it. We offer a whole host of cleaning options, from full car washes and interior vacuuming to deep steam cleaning and leather care. Because let's be honest, a car always feels better when its cleaned properly....
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